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cheap traffic school

3 Things to look for when choosing a CHEAP TRAFFIC SCHOOL

1. Make sure you will get a FREE meal at the class.

No one wants to sit in a room for 6 hours with no food. You will be so hungry and your stomach will be growling all through out the class. I love Denny’s so I always try to find a class there. I love the atmosphere there and the food is delicious.

2. Make sure you can get an overnight certificate.

If you can not get your certificate fast, you do not want to go to attend the class. Nobody wants to wait 4 years to get their certificate lol. You want it as soon as possible because you have to take it back to the court ASAP.

3. Go to a the cheapest traffic school that is State Approved. If it is not state approved, you will have taken your class for nothing. In Texas the defensive driving school has to be certified by the Texas Education Agency. This will insure you that all the instructors are trained and certified.

Ballard Defensive Driving School is a cheap traffic school. We offer a free lunch, plus you can get your certificate sent overnight, and they are State Approved.