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Cheapest Traffic School

During these economic times, everyone wants to save money! Attending the Cheapest Traffic School makes sense and saves you money.

For over 10 years Ballard Defensive Driving has been one of the Cheapest Traffic School in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Ballard Defensive Driving has maintained an unwavering reputation for having entertaining instructors who make learning fun so that you will "laugh while you learn." We won’t bore you with hours of testing and lecture like other schools. Instead, you will have an unbelievable experience. YOU are guaranteed to experience a fast, easy, and relaxed atmosphere along with a FREE Meal.



1. FREE Meal at Fine Restaurants

2. Cheap Prices

3. Convenient locations and times to fit your schedule

4. State Approved for Texas

5. Entertaining Instructors

6. Learn, Laugh, and have fun too

7. FAST OVERNIGHT Certificate Delivery

8. FAST Driver Record Service

9. Bring-a-Guest Discount

10. Receive 2 Certificates for the price of one

(1 for ticket dismissal and 1 for insurance discount)

Everyone wants the cheapest traffic school, but what about additional ways to save money.

•You must get your ticket dismissed so it will not appear on your driving record. If you just pay that ticket, points may be added to your driver record and that may cause you to pay hefty surcharges to the state. Also, your automobile insurance can increase up to 30% or more for just one ticket added to your driving record. What a shame, but this is a fact. Attend traffic school and keep points off your driving record.

•Receive up to a 10% discount on your automobile insurance with some companies when you attend traffic school. By attending traffic school, you could save yourself up to $700 or more on your auto insurance for 3 years. WOW! What a savings.

•We can help you out even more. In addition to our already cheapest prices, go to, sign up for our class, and receive additional discounts and coupons. (WOW)

What are you waiting on? If you are looking for the Cheapest Traffic School, click here.

You will be glad that you chose the EASY, FAST, FUN & CHEAPEST TRAFFIC SCHOOL.