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Free Goodies

So we pulled together this list of 7 fabulous and free finds. In this day and age — with money so tight and everything so pricey — who couldn’t use a little "free" in their lives?

Fabulous Freebie Bonus:

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Fabulous Freebie #1:

Free Credit Report

Now more than ever, everyone (and we mean YOU) should check to make sure their credit is in good standing every year. A mistaken blemish or ding on your credit report can take its toll on everything from your next car loan to your next job!

The good news is you can get a FREE copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three major consumer reporting agencies — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. All it takes is one quick trip to

Fabulous Freebie #2:

Free Clinical Trials

If you or a loved one suffer from an illness and don't have the funds or insurance to cover the additional expenses for special medications or treatments, you may qualify for a free clinical trial.

A clinical trial is a health-related research study in which patients are assigned an experimental treatment and their outcomes are then measured. Many such trials are completely free to the patient.

Check out the registry at — there are currently more than 60,000 clinical trials across the country listed.

Fabulous Freebie #3:

Free Groceries

Grocery discounts and special offers abound, but did you know you can also get some groceries for FREE?

Sure, you might have to "buy one to get one free" but those types of offers can be great ways to save a bundle. Visit, a web site started by a penny-pinching mother of three. She scours the papers and the Internet for special deals, and then lists them on her site along with tutorials and actual shopping trip purchases where she shows how she saved 50% or more on her total grocery bills.

For additional savings, be sure to also check out and where you can print out hundreds of coupons good at your local stores.

Fabulous Freebie #4:

Free Movies

At, you don't need any special equipment and you can catch a great flick anytime online. There are literally HUNDREDS of movies to choose from. (And we're not talking low-budget B-movies either — you'll find Oscar-nominated and critically-acclaimed films, as well.)

Get a FREE movie rental at the Redbox by using Redbox Codes from l

Fabulous Freebie #5:

Free Directory Assistance

Here's one of our favorite freebies. If you've ever called Directory Assistance to find a phone number, then you know how pricey that service is — anywhere from $1.25 to $3.49 PER CALL!

If you don't mind listening to a very brief audio commercial, you can find any telephone number for free. Yes, FREE.

1-800-FREE-411 was the first to the market. 1-800-411-SAVE offers advertiser's discounts to callers, and 1-800-411-METRO will automatically connect you to the business you're calling.

And if you like Google, you can put some more money in their pockets (though not directly) with THEIR free service, 1-800-GOOG-411.

Fabulous Freebie #6:

Free Restaurant Offers

Who doesn't love free food? There are dozens of restaurants that would love to give you a dessert or even a whole meal at no charge. All they ask in return is to register to receive future special offers.

Here are just a few popular national chains that offer fabulous freebies:

•Visit and join their Café eClub to get a free soup or Caesar salad.

•Join the eClub at and enjoy a free appetizer.

• offers a great loyalty program online — sign up and get a free appetizer or dessert and earn points towards future free deals.

When you join the eClub at (along with its sister restaurants, Home Town Buffet, Ryan's, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet), you'll receive a "Buy One Buffet Meal, Get One Free" coupon.

Fabulous Freebie #7:

Free Music Downloads

Gone are the days of the original, where you could download even the latest hits 24/7. The good news is there IS still free music to be had on the Web at sites such as:,

Registration is required at these sites, and although there ARE plenty of recordings available by original artists, you'll also come across quite a few songs produced by "cover" performers.

More Ways to Save

There you have it! Our favorite freebies that will help you save big bucks! And who couldn’t use some extra cash in their wallet these days?